Filip Zamorsky - The Author

A unique collection of photographs created by a widely-traveled photographer:
beautiful images taken all around the world.

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About Shotworldwide Photo Book

Thanks to his job within the travel industry, Filip was able to circle the globe by sea twice, camera in hand, to create this unique collection of images. Presented as "Photo Book" (iOS and AppleTV application) which you can download to your iPad/iPhone/iPod/AppleTV, the project is currently in the retouching stage. Each application will feature a different exotic location and will be linked with Filip's constantly updated website. After you perform the initial download of the image collections from Filip's website, you won't need an internet connection to browse through them as they will already be stored on your device. Filip is planning to extend this offer in the future, with the capability to purchase prints, for example. The website will keep you updated regarding all future developments related to the project.


What People Are Saying:

Plugs 'N Pixels

Gorgeous travel photo gallery - this is a great FREE app for the armchair traveler (ie, those who haven't been lucky enough to explore the entire world by cruise ship as the developer has done). The images included in the gallery are both visually appealing and technically excellent.
The slick navigation buttons (all cleverly based on a nautical theme) are a bit cryptic, but if you click on the ship's steering wheel you enter the gallery. Tap on any image to bring it up to full screen; swipe to access the others.
It's a 5-star app for sure but it's not 100% finished yet... ;-)

Jonny Miller / Co-founder at Maptia

I checked out your app/photobook and it really impressive, congrats on launching!

iPhone Preview